Here at London Grow we never shy away from the weird and wonderful.  We like to dip our green fingers into a whole mix of bizarre and challenging projects that also offer something truly unique in the world of urban horticulture.

That why we have teamed up with the guys at The Cauldron Pub.  They are offering a truly immersive experience in which people will find themselves creating and mixing their very own wizardry cocktails, using state of the art design, science, technology, and the Internet of Things to bring magic to life.   In their words, “It is an interactive experience for adult fans of the fantasy world and is made by fans, for fans”.

London Grow will be creating a ‘magical’ grow room, an immersive and educational space that will see people coming to view the garden and using what we grow to infuse any number of fantastical cocktails created by the infamous Cauldron Pub mixologist.

On display will be a wide variety of plants, some dangerous, some toxic, some edible and some ornamental.  Also, on show will be a number of different indoor growing techniques and technology with educational information provided to show how it all works.

It goes without saying that we are super excited to be involved with such a cool project.  Watch this space for weekly developments!

Head over now to to book and secure your spot.