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Trimbag Dry Trimmer - London GrowTrimbag Dry Trimmer - London Grow
Trimbag Trimbag Dry Trimmer
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Trimbag by KB Designs is a streamlined way to process a big harvest. It's an innovative accessory, which removes excess leaf matter from dried products by shaking it off. With the Trimbag, you can trim your products in minutes and invest more time in tending to your indoor garden. The accessory comprises 2 compartments, which are split by an internal screen. The brand uses heavy-duty and top-quality fabric lining for extensive durability. It has a lightweight design and it's easy to use. The product comes with a carry bag, which allows for trimming on the go.

The Trimbag doesn't involve any moving parts and it works based on friction. The leaves are removed through a rotation movement around the fabric drum. Friction breaks the leaves off after each rotation. To de-leaf dense dry products, you must allow for 15 to 20 rotations. You'll achieve 2 piles of materials such as the de-leafed flowers and the waste product. Most of the essential oils remain intact and you'll save the best of your end product. Thanks to the storage bag, you can easily use the Trimbag on the go. It's super easy to maintain and clean. Simply wipe it down after each use.

Only use very dried and dense product with the Trimbag. Even if the product is slightly damp, you won't enjoy the superior benefits of the Trimbag. The Trimbag will retain the natural contours and the structure of the flowers. It's a game changer. Farmers worldwide easily expand their operations with the Trimbag as it offers an efficient solution for their harvests.