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Grow Light Bulbs

In the world of indoor growing artificial grow lights have been an essential part of any indoor grow. Adapted and improved over many years to provide the indoor grower the best available light spectrum's for their choice of plants. They come in a wide variety of options depending on your budget, available grow space and style. High Pressure Sodium bulbs (HPS) are the tried and tested most commonly used lamps by indoor growers. The lamps are also available in 400V versions which emit up to 10% more usable light (PAR). Metal Halide (MH) have been favoured by growers for years for their ability to produce well developed plants in the early vegetative stages. Ceramic Discharge Metal Halides (CDM) are the latest and greatest lights to hit the horticulture market, favoured by growers for their oil producing qualities, this light produces a spectrum of that to natural daylight and carries the best PAR spectrum of any HID lamp.