What’s the Best Growing Medium: Soil, Coco or Pebbles?

A growing medium is the material plants grow in. It supports healthy plant development. You'll find different types of growing media available including coco, pebbles, and soil. Often, growing media are made from a mix of several raw materials to achieve the perfect ratio of water and air holding capacity for crops to thrive in. The substrate must provide anchorage for your crops, allow for root respiration, hold enough water and ...

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London Grow - Hydroponic Nutrients

How to choose the right nutrients for your growing plants

Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Best Nutrients for Top-Quality Harvests Plants can obtain nutrition in 2 ways: Autotrophic plants, a group that includes green plants, process their own food from water and carbon dioxide, through photosynthesis. Heterotrophic plants, also known as holo-parasitic plants, cannot synthesize raw materials and draw their nutrients from host plants. Plants can absorb water and nutrients through their roots, and carbon dioxide from the air. The quality of the soil ...

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London Grow humidity and control

Understanding optimum Temperature and Humidity for plants

Temperature and humidity are the main environmental factors, which determine plants' growth and health levels. The optimum grow space temperature and humidity depend on the stage of plants' life. Clones need different humidity and temperature level than plants in the vegetative stage, and plants in the blooming stage also require different environmental conditions. To achieve the best harvest yields and top-quality crops, you must create the right atmospheric conditions at the ...

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What Is Photosynthesis and Why Your Plants Need light?

Did you know that life on Earth depends on the organic molecules produced by photosynthesis and that a staggering 70% of the world's oxygen comes from the ocean, thanks to phytoplankton photosynthesis. The rest of the world's oxygen is produced by plants and comes predominantly from the rainforest. Also, did you know that there are two types of photosynthesis? You'll find light-independent and light-dependent photosynthesis. The factors, which affect this ...

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