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Hotbox Hotbox Sulphur refill bag 2kg
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If you've noticed powdery spots on your crops' leaves, it's likely they've been infected with the dangerous Powdery Mildew Mould. It's a quick-spreading fungus, which can completely destroy your crops. You must act quickly and use the best treatment solutions to help your plants recover. The formulas we stock at London Grow stimulate your crops' natural immune systems to fight against mould such as Powdery Mildew. You'll help your plants rid themselves of the disease, you'll control the spread of the illness, and eliminate the risk of the disease returning.

The Powdery Mildew Control products we deliver are safe, non-toxic, and suitable for use on a wide variety of crops and with all grow systems and mediums. Keep mould infections and diseases at bay in your hydroponics or soil grow systems using top-quality products as preventative measures. Also, maintain a balanced climate with a relative humidity level below 65%. For increased harvest yields and exceptional quality crops, ensure the best grow environment.