London Grow started in 2013 in the heart of London. It began with the dynamic vision of combining aquaponics, aeroponics and other greenhouse technologies to advance urban farming and support it by creating sustainable solutions. With passion, a unique vision and deep industry knowledge, our team is here to help you discover the benefits of urban farming and innovative growing solutions. We're proud to say that we've hired the best professionals who offer excellent advice and will help you find the perfect solution for an optimised growing system.

Each employee is contributing to changing the future. We're not just working for the company, but for something which is bigger than us. We're working to make the world a better and more sustainable place to live. By acknowledging the shortcomings of the world's natural resources and the damages caused to the environment, our team is stepping in and doing their part.

London Grow maintained a hydroponic food production unit on behalf of KitchenAid, London

Our Products and Services

All of our products are handpicked and selected from industry leaders. We offer a variety of environmental control systems, growing media, fertilisers, additives, irrigation systems and automation tools, which help our customers create their own growing ecosystems. You can control each step of your plants' growth with carefully engineered solutions and formulas, to achieve top-quality harvests. We help our customers optimize their crops by offering the best products on the market.

Customers who visit our shops or online not only find the products they're looking for but also learn how the product works and how it can solve their problems. You'll learn general information about each product, its benefits, the science behind the formula and how to use it for the best results. Our experts have extensive knowledge about each product we offer and can guide you on the right path. We bring together nature and science to create a one-stop-shop for any amateur or professional grower.

London Grow is a distributor of V-Farm commercial hydroponic systems


Our business philosophy is to use innovative growing methods in areas where food production is scarce or difficult to sustain. We don't only focus on urban regions but also on places where it's next to impossible to successfully grow crops such as desert environments. By creating a synergy between technology and nature, we can develop prolific and vibrant growing systems, which provide excellent harvest yields.

By mimicking the relationships found in natural environments, we can ensure and support increased crop development. Our customer base ranges across the main sectors including educational institutions, hospitality companies, trade companies, government organisations, restaurants, offices, film and TV, as well as the general public. Our experts work closely with customers by offering straightforward guidance and advice about the products available. Deep industry knowledge combined with the best products on the market guarantee complete satisfaction.

Testing and commissioning of the first Container Farm built by London Grow, Cambridge


Our city is London, but our mission is the world. We've established strong offline and online presences, and constantly exceed customers' expectations.

People and businesses worldwide are purchasing and building their own systems to grow fresh and great tasting food. The world has acknowledged the benefits of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Our team is passionate about making the world more sustainable and solving the problem of food scarcity in areas where's it's next to impossible to grow crops.

We're taking things one step further by expanding our portfolio with bespoke farming solutions for regions where food isn't widely available. Our team is deeply involved in container farming projects, including plug and play grow food units in these areas. Through research, product development and supply we are committed to building sustainable communities and to develop programs and strategies, which support healthy lifestyles and protect the environment. Our strength is collective responsibility and our mission is to protect our world's resources. London Grow focuses on bringing the best CEA growing systems and products closer to home. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date solutions and equipment, which help build sustainable and high-performance growing systems. Innovation and forward-thinking combined with cutting-edge solutions and products have put our company at the core of London's urban farming capabilities. We strive to be an inspiration to London's people and beyond.

Testing of the first Container Farm built by London Grow, Cambridge