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Traditional Thermometer (Plastic) - London Grow
Essentials - Digital 2 Way Thermometer with Cable - London GrowEssentials - Digital 2 Way Thermometer with Cable - London Grow
AirComfort - Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor - London GrowAirComfort - Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor - London Grow
Lighthouse ECOHEAT Tube Heater - London GrowLighthouse ECOHEAT Tube Heater - London Grow
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2kW Greenhouse Heater - London Grow2kW Greenhouse Heater - London Grow
N/A 2kW Greenhouse Heater
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Lighthouse Oil Filled Radiator 2000w - London GrowLighthouse Oil Filled Radiator - London Grow
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Lighthouse - 3kW Greenhouse Heater - London GrowLighthouse - 3kW Greenhouse Heater - London Grow
Ultra Flat Heater - London GrowUltra Flat Heater - London Grow
N/A Ultra Flat Heater
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ROOT!T Hobby 30W Heat Mat - London GrowROOT!T Hobby 30W Heat Mat - London Grow
During summer, growers maintain a perfect temperature level by using extraction systems. During winter, the only way to achieve an optimum temperature in your grow room is by using heaters. London Grow stocks high-performance and reliable heaters, which help growers adjust the grow room temperature to the correct rates. And with the right accessories such as hygrometers and thermometers, you can control and keep the best temperature balance of the air and nutrient solutions.

We offer heaters made by industry leaders such as Lighthouse and SmartGro. They're designed to keep the air at a constant temperature without drying it. To grow healthy and strong crops, make sure the temperature stands between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. You can use revolutionary thermometers made by AirComfort to measure the grow room temperature and humidity levels. With the best tools on the market, you'll achieve the right grow room temperature for top-quality crops and increased harvest yields.