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Water Chillers

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Hailea HC Series Water Chiller - London Grow
Hailea Hailea HC Series Water Chiller
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When the nutrient solution is too warm, the oxygen levels drop. This, in turn, decreases the speed and efficiency of nutrient uptake and makes your plants more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. Keep your nutrient formula cool to accelerate nutrient uptake and prevent root problems. Our water chillers help you keep the nutrient solution cool, regardless of the temperature in your grow room. You can use these units for both freshwater and nutrient rich solutions. Decrease temperatures rapidly and go from 35 degrees C to 18 degrees C in no time. You can control the water chillers using the built-in computer system, which is easy to operate. You can set the flow rate according to the pump's max jet capacity and the circulation equipment.

The units include overheat and over-current warning systems to protect against damage whenever the power shuts down. They're reliable, efficient, and help you achieve the best grow environment for strong and healthy plants. Our water chillers are made of strong and resistant materials to ensure durability and a long lifespan. The units have a compact and slim design to save space in your grow room. They're quiet and reliable.