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Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot - London Grow
N/A Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot
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Autopot 9mm Pipe Single Piece (1m) - London GrowAutopot 9mm Pipe Roll (30m) - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot 9mm Pipe
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Autopot 9mm In-Line Tap - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot 9mm In-Line Tap
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Nutriculture - Net Pot for X-Stream and Amazon (50mm) - London Grow
Autopot - 9mm Golf Filter (Complete) - London Grow
Autopot - 47L Tank With 6mm Grommet And Lid (Black) - London Grow
Autopot 9mm Tee Connector - London Grow
Nutriculture - Pro Washer (25mm) - London Grow
Autopot - 8.5 Litre Pot (Black) - London Grow
Nutriculture - Pro Nut (25mm) - London Grow
Autopot - 15 Litre Pot (Black) - London GrowAutopot - 15 Litre Pot (Black) - London Grow
Autopot 16mm Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter - London Grow
Autopot 9mm Cross Connector - London Grow
Nutriculture - Neoprene Collar (50mm) - London Grow
Autopot - 1Pot Extension Kit - London Grow
Autopot - 1Pot Tray And Lid (Black) - London Grow
Nutriculture Top Plate for GroTank - London Grow
Autopot - Airdome Kit - London GrowAutopot - Airdome Kit
AutoPot Autopot - Airdome Kit
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Autopot - Easy2Grow Module - London GrowAutopot - Easy2Grow Module - London Grow
Nutriculture - Blue Flood Dripper - London Grow
X-Stream - Propagator Spray Head - London Grow
X-Stream X-Stream - Propagator Spray Head
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Autopot 9mm Straight Connector - London Grow
Autopot 9mm End Stops - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot 9mm End Stops
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Nutriculture - Copper Disc (250mm) - London Grow
Autopot 1Pot XL Tray And Lid - London Grow
Nutriculture - Universal Sealing Gland - London Grow
Nutriculture - Aqua Pot - London Grow
Autopot - 25L Pot For 1Pot XL - London Grow
Nutriculture - Universal Tee - London Grow
Autopot 16mm-9mm Tee Connector - London Grow
Autopot - 1Pot Module - London GrowAutopot - 1Pot Module
AutoPot Autopot - 1Pot Module
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Nutriculture - Outer Pot Drilled - London Grow
Origin Replacement Tray - London Grow
Nutriculture Grow Systems Origin Replacement Tray
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Autopot 16mm-9mm Cross Connector - London Grow

Hydroponic grow systems ensure exceptional root oxygenation and strong plant growth in mediums such as Clay Pebbles, Coco Coir, and Rockwool. Here you can find spares for your existing system or build one yourself from scratch. We bring something to the table for both amateur growers and professional gardeners. Make sure your hydroponic systems outperform other growing techniques and use our range of premium hydroponic system spares.

At London Grow you'll find top-quality spares such as top plates for tanks, trays, pots, tanks, and different fittings. We offer products from leading brands such as Nutriculture, Wilma, and Autopot. The parts help you maximise your crops' potential by designing a customised grow system to fit your space. Ensure exceptional connections, seamless nutrient solution delivery, and super oxygenation with our wide range of hydroponic system spares. They're easy to install, user-friendly, and reliable. Achieve excellent grow environment conditions to ensure your plants grow healthy and strong. Our accessories are affordable and made at the highest quality standards!