Dimlux Grow Lights

Dimlux Grow Lights

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Dimlux - Expert Series 315W Full Spectrum - London Grow
Dimlux Exteme Series LED 1000W / Yes - London GrowDimlux Exteme Series LED 750W / Yes - London Grow
Dimlux Dimlux Extreme Series LED
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At London Grow we offer brilliant Dimlux grow lights, which will increase your harvest yields and crops' quality. They're energy-efficient and help growers get the most from their investment. You'll enjoy optimal control over the grow environment lighting and the highest level of lumens output available. Dimlux delivers up to 39% more light compared to other products on the market. With Dimlux grow bulbs, your crops will get higher output light running at cool temperatures.

We've selected a premium range of Dimlux lights for indoor plants to help growers achieve unparalleled harvests. If you're looking for bright, high-performance lights for growing plants, Dimlux is an unmatched solution. Coupled with complete light kits, high-performance ballasts, and grow light accessories, London Grow offers its customers the best Dimlux lighting solutions.