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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Photon LED Board - London GrowPhoton LED Board - London Grow
Photon LED Photon LED Board
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Photon LED Driver to Lights Extension Cable (3m) - London Grow
Photon LED Multi-Dimmer - London Grow
Photon LED Driver Interconnect Cable (2m) - London Grow
Photon LED 3 Way Splitter - London Grow
Designed and engineered to outlast and outperform a vast majority of industry leading LED lights on the market today, Photon LED do not disappoint. IP65 rated and utilising the highest quality horticultural grade Samsung and Cree diodes gives users peace of mind that the light unit they’re using is reliable and highly effective. Available in 120W and 480W sizes, the Photon Board can be implemented into spaces both small and large.