Faran Humidifers
Faran Humidifers

Faran Humidifers

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Faran Humidifers - HR-15 Humidfier - London GrowFaran Humidifers - HR-15 Humidfier - London Grow
Faran Humidifiers - Digital Humidistat HR-DHTC - London Grow
Faran Humidifiers - HR-50 Humidfier - London GrowFaran Humidifiers - HR-50 Humidfier - London Grow
Faran Humidifers Faran Humidifiers - HR-50 Humidfier
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SonicAir 23L Humidifier Float Kit - London Grow
Raising the humidity inside your grow room can be a difficult job. Many find that small scale humidifiers do not increase humidity to optimal levels when growing in a larger space. The Faran humidifiers are top-quality units that are guaranteed to increase your humidity levels to a satisfactory level. To be used in conjunction with the Analogue or Digital Humidistat controller.