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Hydroponic Systems

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Showing 1 - 48 of 118 products
Danish Hydro Tray - London GrowDanish Hydro Tray - London Grow
N/A Danish Hydro Tray
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Autopot Easy2Grow - London GrowAutopot Easy2Grow - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot Easy2Grow
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Autopot 9mm Pipe Single Piece (1m) - London GrowAutopot 9mm Pipe Roll (30m) - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot 9mm Pipe
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Autopot 9mm In-Line Tap - London Grow
Autopot - 47L Tank With 9mm Grommet And Lid (Black) - London Grow
Autopot - 9mm Golf Filter (Complete) - London Grow
Autopot 9mm Tee Connector - London Grow
Nutriculture - Pro Washer (25mm) - London Grow
Autopot - 8.5 Litre Pot (Black) - London Grow
Autopot - 15 Litre Pot (Black) - London GrowAutopot - 15 Litre Pot (Black) - London Grow
Nutriculture - Pro Nut (25mm) - London Grow
Autopot System - London GrowAutopot System - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot System
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Autopot 9mm Cross Connector - London Grow
Autopot 16mm Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter - London Grow
Autopot - 1Pot Tray And Lid (Black) - London Grow
Autopot - 1Pot Extension Kit - London Grow
Autopot - Airdome Kit - London Grow
Nutriculture GroTank NFT System GT100 - London GrowNutriculture GroTank NFT System GT205 - London Grow
Idrolab - Irrigation Cap 6" - London GrowIdrolab - Idrocap 6" - London Grow
idrolab Idrolab - Idrocap 6"
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Nutriculture Top Plate for GroTank - London Grow
Autopot XL System - London GrowAutopot XL System - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot XL System
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Autopot - Easy2Grow Module - London GrowAutopot - Easy2Grow Module - London Grow
Autopot 9mm End Stops - London Grow
Nutriculture - Copper Disc (250mm) - London Grow
Autopot 9mm Straight Connector - London Grow
Autopot 1Pot XL Tray And Lid - London Grow
Nutriculture - Universal Sealing Gland - London Grow
Autopot - 25L Pot For 1Pot XL - London Grow
Autopot - 1Pot Module - London Grow
AutoPot Autopot - 1Pot Module
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Nutriculture - Universal Tee - London Grow
Nutriculture - Outer Pot Drilled - London Grow
Nutriculture - Aqua Pot - London Grow
Idrolab - Idrotray Standard - London GrowIdrolab - Idrotray Standard - London Grow
idrolab Idrolab - Idrotray Standard
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Autopot 16mm-9mm Cross Connector - London Grow
Autopot 16mm-9mm Tee Connector - London Grow
Nutriculture - Punched Pot - London Grow

What is hydroponics?

Simply put, hydroponics is a horticultural technique that involves growing plants in a solution made of nutrients and water. Some methods involve using soilless substrates such as coconut coir or rockwool, while other hydroponic systems such as Deep Water Culture, and Nutrient Film Technique do not require a substrate. Instead, plants are grown in mesh or net pots filled with clay pebbles and their roots are dangled in or exposed to the nutrient solution.

Hydroponic systems are usually set up indoors in a grow room or grow tent with a ventilation system, and grow lights to mimic natural daylight. You can also use these systems inside greenhouses outdoors, however, during cooler months artificial lighting such as LEDs and heating may be required for climate control, depending on the requirements of the species of plant.

How many different hydroponic systems are there?

There are 8 main types of hydroponic system including:

  • Drip System: Dripper systems, like those from Origin, deliver controlled amounts of nutrients to the base of each plant via tubing and drippers. This method allows for precise nutrient delivery and is suitable for a wide range of plants.

  • Flood & Drain: Also known as ebb and flow, this indoor gardening technique involves periodically flooding the root system with nutrient-rich water, then allowing it to drain away. Flood and drain systems are typically controlled using a pump and a timer. The flooding action delivers nutrients and water to the root zone, while the draining exposes the roots to oxygen. This continuous cycle promotes healthy root growth and nutrient absorption, resulting in robust plant development.

  • Deep Water Culture: In DWC systems, plants are suspended above a reservoir of nutrient-rich water. Plant roots are submerged in the water, and an air pump is used to provide oxygen to the roots. This is a simple and effective method for growing plants indoors.

  • Recirculating Deep Water Culture: RDWC systems are an advanced version of DWC systems. The main difference is instead of having the plants suspended above the reservoir, plants are grown in individual containers that are connected together via tubing, with nutrient solution continuously being pumped from the main reservoir to feed the plants. Recirculation of the nutrient water oxygenates and refreshes the solution. This optimises the plants’ nutrient uptake, and boosts growth.

  • Nutrient Film Technique: NFT systems involve supplying plants with a continuous flow of a thin film of nutrient solution over the plant roots. Plants are supported by a sloping tray with the roots exposed to the air. The constant flow provides both oxygen and nutrients, making it suitable for fast-growing, shallow-rooted plants like lettuce and herbs.

  • Wick Systems: A wick (such as absorbent fabric) transports the nutrient solution from a reservoir to the plants’ growing medium. This is a low cost, simple method but is generally fine for smaller plants with low water and nutrient requirements.

  • Aeroponics: Plants are grown in a soilless substrate with the roots suspended in the air. Regular misting at the root zone delivers nutrients and water and prevents dehydration. Constant exposure of the root zone to oxygen promotes improved respiration and nutrient uptake, resulting in stimulated growth, bigger yields and faster turnaround but this system can be high maintenance.

  • Aquaponics: An indoor growing system that combines both hydroponics with aquaculture (fish farming). This method is based on a symbiotic relationship where waste from the fish tank provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants filter and clean the water, which is then recirculated back to the fish tanks.

If you are starting out and don’t know which system will suit you best, get in touch for expert advice. For further information on the different systems, check out our beginners guide to hydroponic systems.

8 Benefits of hydroponics over traditional growing methods

Hydroponics offers many benefits over traditional cultivation techniques that involve soil. For example:

  1. Faster turnaround: Plants grow faster resulting in accelerated harvests.
  2. Total control over the hydroponic growing environment: From lighting and nutrients to climate control, every aspect of an indoor grow room can be optimised to promote healthy growth and bigger yields.
  3. Space efficiency: Hydroponic farms and gardens are highly versatile and can be set up in a number of ways to maximise space such as vertical towers and gardens.
  4. Year round cultivation: Indoor farming with hydro systems allow for growing all year round due to the controlled environment.
  5. Avoids soil borne disease: The absence of soil eliminates the risk of soil borne diseases such as Fusarium Wilt, Bacterial Wilt, and Clubroot.
  6. Preserves resources: Systems designed to recycle resources such as water and nutrients help to save money and promote more sustainable horticulture.
  7. Optimised EC and pH levels: Hydroponic growers have the freedom to optimise electrical conductivity and pH levels needed for maximum plant growth.
  8. Reduced use of pesticides: Isolated and controlled indoor growing environments give greater control which can lead to a reduced risk of pest invasions and the need to use pesticides.

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