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ROOT!T Propagator Lid & Tray - London GrowROOT!T Propagator Lid & Tray - London Grow
ROOT!T VALUE Propagation Kit - London GrowROOT!T VALUE Propagation Kit - London Grow
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ROOT!T Heat Mat - London GrowROOT!T Heat Mat - London Grow
Root!t ROOT!T Heat Mat
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ROOT!T Sponges 50 Refill - London GrowROOT!T Sponges 50 Refill - London Grow
ROOT!T Propagator 60 Hole Inserts - London Grow
ROOT!T - Rooting Gel 150ml - London Grow
ROOT!T Propagator Lids - London Grow
Root!t ROOT!T Propagator Lids
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ROOT!T Thermostat for Heat Mats - London Grow
ROOT!T Propagation Kit - London GrowROOT!T Propagation Kit - London Grow
Root!t ROOT!T Propagation Kit
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ROOT!T First Feed 125ml - London Grow
Root!t ROOT!T First Feed 125ml
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ROOT!T Propagator Trays - London Grow
Root!t ROOT!T Propagator Trays
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ROOT!T 24 Cell Filled Trays - London GrowROOT!T 24 Cell Filled Trays - London Grow
Root!t ROOT!T 24 Cell Filled Trays
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ROOT!T Cutting Mist 100ml - London Grow
ROOT!T Stock Plant Tonic 125ml - London Grow
ROOT!T aim to accelerate germination and development of plants from day 1. They provide a variety of top quality propagation equipment and nutrients to boost your success rates. All products are suitable for cuttings, as well as seeds.